Before Zero Records

Before Zero Records is a new record label based in London, UK. Founded by Jamie Thomas, better known as the front man and producer for Kibir La Amlak a reggae sound system, studio and label. I’ll skip the writing in 3rd person about myself and keep it personal. I’m a music lover and my love of music goes beyond just the love of the music itself. I love all that music is, what it can stand for, and what its creation is capable of manifesting on an individual and societal perspective. After 17 years - of self releasing music, touring, running and working in various underground vinyl labels, promoting events, running a sound system, working as a graphic designer, cinematographer, sound engineer and broker for record pressing - I’ve pulled all of those skills together and used them to setup Before Zero Records.Music that is culturally, politically or spiritually relevant - comes from artists and creators that not only live for their music but also live and breath the reality of their music. Before Zero’s deepest commitment is to the integrity of the music it releases. This includes how the music is released, marketed, and promoted. Born out of the UK reggae sound system scene, specifically, RasTafari roots reggae, a music steeped in social, political commentary, with a deep spiritual essence, an African liberation struggle, which is as urgent today as it was 60 years ago; it goes without saying, no matter what the genre, format or style - the substance of the labels output and the value for the listeners are of highest importance.